Wtf is with all the ads for Vanish stain removers and Febreeze odour sprays? I want to splat that wee girl who says "Wow! Fresh!" square in the face with a fresh cow pat and see what she says. Every feckin ad break these things are there, relentlessly plugging their smelly chemicals. Oh, that reminds me. Air fresheners that plug into the wall too. Or look like attractive pebbles. Why not invent one that plugs into your dog's arse? Tackle the problem at the source.
I wonder did they have similar problems during the Famine. "Never mind we haven't the bit of food for our mouths, a stór. Or that the clothes are falling of our backs and the childer have no shoes on their feet. Get out there and get me an air freshener that looks like a rock. This place stinks!"
One of you Marketing experts must have a theory on why these things are becoming so tortuously ubiquitous at a time when people can hardly afford to keep up the mortgages on their apparently foul-smelling homes...
9/23/2012 10:53:12 pm

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