OMG. I am fookin' knackered. It's 3.15am and I've just finished making changes and additions to my website. It's time to start selling. Time to fuck shit up. No more Mister Nice Art director/copywriter/director. The babies need shoes and Papa's gotta go to work.
I've added a lot of recent work in its very own Recent Work section. For those who believe you're only as good as your last job.
There's also a new smattering of sarcasm throughout the site. May not be to everyone's taste. I went back on forth on it. What if people think I'm trying to be a smartarse? But, on balance, I decided it was my website so I could do what I liked. And I'm a Northerner, so jaded cynicism is like my birthright.
I've also finally linked everything up. Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. So I should have a bazillion followers by the time I launch my new religion (we'll have cup cakes).

Anyway, school runs are about 4 hours away and I stopped making sense about 3 blartenfernsons ago so I'm off to bed in my clothes. That's what this Rock n' Roll industry is all about.  Good night all x

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